Elections Commission

Act 57 (Bill No. HB 267, 2004) establishes a nine (9) member panel, called the Elections Commission, which replaces the Elections and Appointment Review Panel.

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Meeting DateAgendaMeeting MaterialsVideoWritten Summary and Minutes
June 10, 2021AgendaStatus of OperationsVideoWritten Summary
February 8, 2021AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
January 21, 2021AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
December 15, 2020AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
July 23, 2020AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
February 21, 2020AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
October 29, 2019AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
June 12, 2019AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
December 13, 2018AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
September 6, 2018AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
February 22, 2018AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
March 13, 2017AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
December 2, 2016AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
August 31, 2016AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
June 27, 2016AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
May 18, 2016AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
January 13, 2016AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
November 4, 2015AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
September 16, 2015AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
July 9, 2015N/AStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
May 18, 2015AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
April 7, 2015AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
February 20, 2015AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
November 14, 2014AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
October 3, 2014AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
August 22, 2014AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
June 20, 2014AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
March 28, 2014AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
February 5, 2014AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
November 7, 2013AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
August 21, 2013AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
May 15, 2013AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
January 25, 2013AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
January 11, 2013AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
December 18, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
November 27, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
September 18, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
August 22, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
May 30, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
March 15, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
January 11, 2012AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
September 14, 2011AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
July 27, 2011AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
June 8, 2011AgendaStatus of OperationsN/AMinutes
March 3, 2011AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
November 16, 2010AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
September 28, 2010AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
June 23, 2010AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
April 21, 2010AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
February 17, 2010AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
January 20, 2010AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
December 30, 2009AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
December 2, 2009AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
October 13, 2009AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
July 22, 2009AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
February 18, 2009AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
November 20, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
October 16, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
September 9, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
July 31, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
June 17, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
April 8, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
February 5, 2008AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
December 4, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
November 8, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
September 26, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
August 9, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
July 18, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
May 10, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
March 1, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
February 8, 2007AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
September 8, 2006N/AN/AN/AMinutes
January 27, 2006AgendaN/AN/AMinutes
June 23, 2005N/AN/AN/AMinutes
January 27, 2005N/AN/AN/AMinutes
December 7, 2004N/AN/AN/AMinutes

Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is composed of the following:

  • Two (2) members appointed by the Senate President
  • Two (2) members appointed by the Senate Minority Leader
  • Two (2) members appointed by the House Speaker
  • Two (2) members appointed by the House Minority Leader
  • One (1) member selected by a two-thirds vote of the Elections Commission to serve as Chairperson

Each group of four (4) Elections Commission members selected by each house will include (1) member from each of the four counties: Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu.

A person from the same county as the departing Elections member will fill a vacancy in the Elections Commission. If the vacancy is not filled within fifteen (15) days, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will fill the vacancy.

The duties of the Elections Commission provided under Hawaii Revised Statutes §11-7.5 are as follows:

  • Hold Public Hearings;
  • Investigate and hold hearings for receiving evidence of any violations and complaints;
  • Adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91;
  • Employ, without regard to chapter 76, a full-time Chief Election Officer, pursuant to section 11-1.6; and;
  • Advise the Chief Election Officer on matters relating to elections

For complete information, please refer to HRS §§ 11-7 through 11-9.


Elections Commission
c/o Office of Elections
802 Lehua Avenue
Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

Phone: (808) 453-8683
Email: [email protected]

Last Updated on October 15, 2021