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View the proclamation. The text of the proclamation is below: PROCLAMATION Pursuant to the order issued by the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii in City and County of Honolulu, et al. v. State of Hawaii, et al., SCPW-18-0000733, I, SCOTT T. NAGO, Chief Election Officer of the State of Hawaii, do hereby proclaim ...
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Engaging in Hawaii’s Elections

Posted on Sep 25, 2018 in Main

The Office of Elections invites voters to learn about the process behind voting, from voter registration to the release of results on Election Night. Also, learn about the critical role our volunteers have in making Hawaii’s elections happen. Monday, October 1, 2018 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Pearl City Library 1138 Waimano Home Rd Pearl ...
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View the Proclamation. The text of the proclamation is below. AMENDED PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, the proclamation, issued on May 3, 2018, included a statement as to what locations would serve as polling places for the upcoming elections; WHEREAS, on June 7, 2018, a proclamation was issued notifying registered voters in District Precincts 04-03 and 04-04 that ...

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View the Proclamation. The text of the proclamation is below. PROCLAMATION SAILAU TIMOTEO, Hawaiʻi Republican Party candidate for District 43 of the State House of Representatives, is no longer considered to be a candidate for office, because she did not meet the constitutional requirements for the office at the time of the filing of her ...
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Pearl City, July 6, 2018 – The Office of Elections issued a supplementary proclamation designating Pahoa Community Center as a dual polling place for precincts 04-03 and 04-04 for the Primary Election. The supplementary proclamation establishes Pahoa Community Center as a polling place for voters of precincts 04-03 and 04-04 to ensure they are able ...
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