Newsletter – November 2022 (Election Wrap Up)

Posted on Nov 29, 2022 in Newsletters

Aloha Subscribers,

You made it through the 2022 Elections! By casting your vote in the Primary and General Elections, you’ve made sure your voice is heard.

After Election Day, you may still have some lingering questions. Read on as we tackle a few frequently asked post-election questions.

1. What does it mean to “cure a ballot”?

Ballot curing is when a voter is given time to correct a signature-related issue involving their mail ballot. For example, if you forgot to sign your return envelope or maybe your signature doesn’t match because it has changed. This verification process is how officials can confirm your identity and keep our elections safe and secure.

When these issues arise, voters are notified by their County Elections Division and have five business days after the election to resolve the issue for their ballot to be counted.

2. Where can I find the election results?

View the election results here.

3. What does it mean to certify the election results?

Following each election, officials audit the ballots to confirm the results. The audit is conducted on a random sample of at least 10% of voting precincts statewide. These audits are mandated by Hawaii election law and allows officials to confirm that electronic tallies are equal to the manual tallies of votes.

The results are certified following the audit and on the resolution of any election challenges.

4. What’s up for election in 2024?

Find out what contests will be on your 2024 ballots here.

Aloha to the 2022 Election Volunteers!

We want to thank our volunteers across the state who helped make elections possible. Every election, we rely on the generous support and hard work of hundreds of Hawaii residents to conduct the elections. It was great serving with you all and thank you again.