Newsletter – August 2022 (Processing Ballots)

Posted on Aug 9, 2022 in News Releases

Aloha Subscribers,

Curious how your mail ballot is processed for counting? Read on to learn about the different phases that your ballot passes on its journey to being counted.

Phase 1: Verifying Your Signature

  • Your mail ballot packet is received by your County Elections Division.
  • County Officials scan the unique barcode printed on your return envelope and you are credited for voting in the election. This prevents a voter from voting more than once.
  • County Officials compare the signature on your return envelope against a reference signature on file with your voter registration record.
    • If there is a match: Your ballot moves on to the next phase.
    • If there is no match or a missing signature: You will be notified and given up to five business days following the election to resolve the issue.

Phase 2: Counting Your Ballot

  • Your mail ballot packet is securely transported to the Counting Center.
    • Counting Centers are secure locations accessible only to authorized officials.
    • Official Observers monitor all activity at the Counting Center to ensure ballot handling procedures are being followed.
  • Officials prepare your ballot for counting in the following steps:
    • Your return envelope is opened.
    • Your ballot is removed from the secrecy sleeve.
    • Your ballot is unfolded and packed to be counted.
  • Your ballot is sent through a vote counting scanner.

Phase 3: Reporting Results

Interested in tracking your ballot?

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