Newsletter – April 2022

Posted on Apr 25, 2022 in News Releases

By now, you know just how simple and convenient it is to vote in Hawaii’s elections. It doesn’t get much easier than casting your vote from the comfort of your couch. But with the convenience of voting by mail, is the security of your vote compromised?

This month, we take a closer look at the security of vote-by-mail elections. Whether it’s your first time casting a mail ballot, or you’ve voted by mail every election, you may be curious about how your vote is kept safe. We’ll sort through a few common questions and help you feel confident about casting your vote this year.

How can I monitor if a ballot is sent to me, and if it is received by the county?

Turn to our BallotTrax online portal to track your ballot this election season! BallotTrax allows you to confirm that your ballot is on its way and that your voted ballot has been received and counted. The sign-up to receive notifications for text, email or voice alerts is open now at Voters who choose not to sign up for the notification service may still track the status of their ballot by logging on to

Tip: Generally, you can begin looking out for your ballot around 18 days before Election Day. For the upcoming Primary Election, your ballot will arrive in your mailbox near July 26, 2022.

How do you know if my ballot was voted by me?

Your signature is used to confirm your identity. Once your voted ballot is received, your County Elections Division compares the signature on the return envelope to the signature on file with your voter registration record. If the signatures match, your ballot passes verification and is counted.

Election officials notify a voter in instances of a mismatched signature. The voter is provided five business days post-election to correct the discrepancy for the ballot to be counted.

Are unsigned ballots counted?

No, your ballot must be signed in order to be counted. A ballot with a missing signature will not move forward.

What prevents a person from voting more than once?

A unique barcode is printed on your ballot return envelope, which allows officials to track the return of your ballot. When election officials receive your voted mail ballot, the barcode is scanned, and a record is kept that you have cast a ballot for that election.

If someone were to submit a mail ballot, then attempt to vote at a voter service center, they would not be permitted to vote a second time. In a similar scenario, if someone were to vote at a voter service center, then proceed to submit a mail ballot, the mail ballot would be rejected, as the voter’s record would indicate they have already voted.

What do I do if I receive a ballot that’s not addressed to me?

Filling out someone else’s ballot is voter fraud which can result in a Class C Felony. If you receive a ballot for someone that does not reside at your address, write “not at this address” on the envelope and place it back in the mail for return to your County Elections Division.

Hawaii Votes Program

For more on election security, including how Hawaii addresses the integrity of voting equipment, watch the latest release of our Hawaii Votes program. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Also check out our Election Security page for answers to other commonly asked questions on the topic.

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