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Constitutional and Charter Amendment Questions

The following questions will appear on the 2018 General Election ballot. Included is the constitutional convention question and one (1) proposed constitutional amendment adopted during the Twenty-Ninth Legislature’s Regular Session of 2018. Also included are proposed charter amendment questions.

The constitutional convention question and the proposed constitutional amendment will appear in the same order as listed below on all ballots, statewide; followed by the respective county proposed amendments.

State of Hawaii Constitutional Convention Question

Shall there be a convention to propose a revision of or amendments to the Constitution?

Proposed Amendment to the State Constitution

Proposed Amendments to the Hawaii County Charter

1. HAWAI’I: Public Notice and Voting Requirements for the Salary Commission

Shall Article XIII of the County Charter be amended to require the Salary Commission to publish notification in two daily newspapers in the County, hold at least one public hearing, and provide a detailed report of its findings and conclusions for public inspection, all at least thirty (30) days prior to adopting any increase or decrease of a County elected official or appointed officer’s salary, and to further require that the Salary Commission approve by a two-thirds vote of its entire membership any salary increase or decrease greater than ten percent?

2. HAWAI’I: Fiscal Impact Statements for Amendments to the Hawai’i County Charter

Shall Article XV of the County Charter be amended to require that any proposed amendment to the County Charter be accompanied by a Fiscal Impact Statement that describes the immediate and potential future effects that proposed amendment would have on County revenues, expenditures, taxes, and fiscal liabilities, and that the Fiscal Impact Statements be provided to voters no less than sixty (60) calendar days prior to the election where the proposed change is to be voted on by posting on the County website and by being made available for inclusion in any voter information pamphlet on County ballot propositions?

Proposed Amendments to the Maui County Charter

MAUI: Claims

Shall Section 13-6 of the Charter be amended, effective January 2, 2019, to require that claims be filed with the Corporation Counsel instead of the County Clerk?

MAUI: Penalties

Shall the Charter be amended, effective January 2, 2019, to increase the penalty for the operation of a transient accommodation without a necessary permit from the current $1,000 amount to a civil fine of up to $20,000 plus $10,000 per day for each day the unlawful operation persists, unless a higher fine is authorized by State law, and to clarify that the current limit of a $1,000 fine for the violation of an ordinance is a limit of $1,000 per day the violation persists?

MAUI: Open Space Fund

Shall the Charter be amended, effective January 2, 2019, to expand the uses of the Open Space, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, and Scenic Views Preservation Fund to authorize the fund to be used to perform safety and security improvements on lands acquired through the fund?

Proposed Amendments to the Kauai County Charter

KAUAI: Relating to the Public Defender

Shall the charter be amended by repealing Article IX, Public Defender, as this function is already provided by the State?

KAUAI: Relating to the Electric Power Authority

Shall the charter be amended by repealing Article XXX, which empowers the Council to create an electric power authority by ordinance?

KAUAI: Relating to the Zoning Board of Appeals

Shall Article XIV, Planning Department, Sections 14.01, 14.03, 14.12, 14.13, and 14.14 be amended by removing all references to the zoning board of appeals?

KAUAI: Relating to the Public Access, Open Space, Natural Resources Preservation Fund

Shall Article XIX, Financial Procedures, Section 19.15(C) be amended to permit the Public Access, Open Space, Natural Resources Preservation Fund to include improvements?

KAUAI: Relating to the Salary Commission

Shall Article XXIX, Salary Commission, Sections 29.01 and 29.03 be amended to give the salary commission authority to establish the maximum salaries of all elected and appointed officials, and to add the director of human resources and the director of finance as ex-officio, non-voting members of the commission?

KAUAI: Relating to term limits for the office of Councilmember

Shall the term limit of office for Councilmembers be removed?

Proposed Amendment to the Honolulu City Charter

Shall the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973 (2017 Edition) relating to the board of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (the “Board”) be amended:

  1.  To increase the number of Board members from ten to a maximum of fifteen;
  2. To provide that the President of the Hawaii State Senate and the Speaker of the Hawaii State House of Representatives may each appoint up to two non-voting members, for terms to be determined by the appointing authority;
  3. To provide that the City Council may appoint one additional voting member;
  4. To specify that six members shall constitute a quorum; and
  5. To specify that the affirmative vote of a majority of all voting members of the Board shall be necessary to take any action, and such action shall be made at a meeting open to the public?


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