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Using Interactive Tables

Tables with the “” header are interactive:

  • These tables can be sorted, filtered, searched, shared, and exported to various formats.
  • Certain columns have links which open maps or other documents.  Click the text in that column to open the document.  The link column will be specified above the table.
  • Options to export the table can be found at the “MENU” button at the top-right of the table.  Click “MENU”, then “Download”, then choose from the “Download As” list.
  • You may view the table in a new tab or window by clicking the table name next to the search and information icons at the top-left of the table under the “” header; or you may click the full screen icon at the top-right of the table under the “MENU” button.  The table will be displayed at an external web site:  After opening the table in a new window, you may return to the original page by closing the tab or window, or you may navigate back by using your browser tabs or desktop controls.
  • For additional information, view the video guides (at the site). In the left column, click the “Consumer” link to only show videos related to viewing data.
  • Supported browser versions for interactive tables:
    • Google Chrome (recommended):  two most recent versions
    • Apple Safari: two most recent versions
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer:  three most recent versions
    • Mozilla Firefox: two most recent versions


A Sample Image of an Interactive Table