Electioneering at the Polling Place

In order to maintain the safe and orderly conduct of elections, the chief election officer may regulate activities within the polling places and electioneering boundaries.

Electioneering Boundaries

Precinct officials must post a map designating an area of 200 feet from the perimeter of the polling place and appurtenances in a visible place, prior to the opening of the polls.

A polling place and appurtenances include:

  • The building in which the polling place is located
  • Any parking lot adjacent to the building and routinely used for parking at that building
  • The routes of access between the building and any parking lot
  • Any route of access between any public thoroughfare and the polling place

Any person who remains or loiters within the area of 200 feet from the perimeter of the polling place and its appurtenances for the purpose of campaigning will be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Electioneering maps are available through the Office of Elections.


Campaign activities for the purpose of soliciting votes for or against any person, political party, or position on a question are prohibited within the electioneering boundary one hour before the opening of the polls through the close of polls. Any person found conducting campaign activities will be guilty of misdemeanor.

Campaign activities include:

  • Distribution, circulation, carrying, holding, posting, or staking of campaign cards, pamphlets, posters, and other literature
  • Use of public address systems and other public communication media
  • Use of motor caravans, parades, entertainment troupes
  • Distribution of goods and services

Voters must remove or cover campaign materials before entering the polling place. Cars and other vehicles with political signs and stickers may remain within the 200 foot perimeter while drivers or occupants are voting. Precinct officials who have cars with political bumper stickers must cover the stickers for the day.

Election day violations should be reported to the Office of Elections.

View printable Electioneering at the Polling Place FACTSHEET. For complete information, please refer to HRS §§11-132 and 19-6.

Information is available in alternate formats. If you require special assistance call the Office of Elections at 808-453-VOTE (8683). Neighbor Islands may call toll free 1-800-442-VOTE (8683) or e-mail us at [email protected]